Sequenced Writing Assignment

This week we were asked to think of 2 sequenced lesson plans and create a writing assignment.  The assignment had to relate to something around your family, classroom, or life experience.  It is my hope that the prompt would be fun for the students while still aligning with the curriculum.


You have the opportunity to travel in a time machine to meet and interview someone you feel contributed to an important personal, family, or life experience. Please share a brief introduction paragraph describing this experience.. First identify the name of the person and the date you are travelling back to. Then write out questions you will ask this person, and document their answers based on your research.

Day 1 :

 Brainstorming, researching, and pre-writing

I loved going to Disney World in Florida for a family vacation. It was so busy there, and so many people had their whole families with them. We went on a bunch of rides. My favorite thing was meeting all of the princesses. I even ate dinner in Cinderella’s castle. My dad’s favorite princess at dinner was Jasmine. That made my mom angry. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had.

Day 2:

 Final response to prompt:

Name of person: Roy Disney (brother of Walt)

Date: 1970

How did you come up with the idea to create the Walt Disney World Resort?

Walt’s original idea was developed with his two daughters in mind. The vision was a place where families could go and have fun together. This is how the Disneyland in California came to be. Because Disneyland in California had been open since 1959, my brother had data that showed almost 75% of the population who would visit was located east of the Mississippi. The idea to expand was so we could reach a larger population.

How did you decide on Florida for the location?

Knowing that 75% of the tourists were east of the Mississippi helped him to know he should look east of this river. He was flying over many various potential locations. One day in 1963, he went over an area in Florida where he could see from the airplane that there were well-developed roads and even an interstate and a turnpike. It was then that he knew this area would be easily accessible for traveling families.

Did you ever imagine that Walt Disney would become a household name, not only in the United States but also around the world?

When we had this idea to expand the Disney name into another location, we knew it was going to be big. During the development of the land, there were many companies involved just during the purchase. The Disneyland location was wildly successful when it opened in 1955, it’s first year. We saw 1 million visitors come through. By the time we opened DisneyWorld, we had over 9 million guests.

Do you have any regrets?

I regret that Walt did not live long enough to see his dreams come to fruition. He would have loved to be here to cut the ribbon during the opening day ceremony. Although this may sound funny to you from the future, Walt had difficulty funding the original Disneyland project in California. If I had to say a regret for Walt, it would be not starting this project sooner!


Valentines Day Glitter Slime – aka Gak

Since I don’t like being so bland in my writing, I also wanted to add a more fun/relevant post to my life now.  In our preschool class, ‘major’ holidays are a big deal.  We recently celebrated the ‘major’ holiday we as adults know as Groundhog’s Day.  The next big thing is Valentines day.

My students are either 3 or 4-years-old.  This means that everything is new and exciting for them!  Even if they have had previous exposure, they still become super excited about what we do in class.  Last week we created mailboxes by using cardboard picture boxes from Michaels Art Store.  The students were given red and white paint and went to town creating their boxes.

After allowing these beautiful creations to dry for a few days, we then added some bling in the form of foam glitter hearts.  Let me tell you how creative and amazing these kids are when left to their own devices, not to mention completely creative messes on their hands and shirts.

To keep the momentum and excitement going, this Tuesday which is Valentines day, we are going to create in class some Valentine glitter slime.  The idea came from the science activity you may have heard of called GAK. This is a great science activity for many classrooms.  If you haven’t done this yet with your students, I strongly encourage you to find a unit/theme that you can incorporate this activity in.

One word of advice if you do plan to make slime.  Plan ahead if it coincides with a class party time frame.  I seriously went to Walmart, Michaels, Target, Hobby Lobby, and even the Dollar Store and there was NO GLUE to be found.  Glue is a major ingredient used in the slime recipe.  Evidently, everyone wants to make Valentine slime for their class parties.

If I have any leftover slime, I will be sure to bring some to class on Tuesday to share with all of you!